De-Toxin Sheet

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Ingredients: several natural rare materials as Bamboo Vinegar (32%), Pyroligneous Acid (4%), Tourmaline, Chitosan, Vitamin C, Doku-Dami Leaf and Herbal extract etc.

Dosage: Apply in accordance with foot reflexology areas. Four days as one treatment course.
Package: 8 pieces/box

8 pieces / box


De-Toxin Sheet is effective for Shoulder and neck pain, Sore waist and back pain, Sore legs, Knee pain and swollen legs, Swollen joints with Arthritic Pain, Sprains, Contusions, Rheumatic pains, Muscle aches, Varix, Menstrual pain, Sciatica, Foot perspiration, Foot odors, etc.

Regular application stimulates dry skin (Especially rough surfaces in the sole area), enhance the retention of moisture, and recovers smooth and glowing skin.

Scientifically speaking, due to internal and external influences, the human body produces harmful wastes that gather around the joints and soles preventing normal blood circulation and causing various problems, such as arthritis, inflammation of the joints, skin diseases, high blood pressure, etc. which seriously affect one’s health. Experiments in China and Japan have shown that TASLY DE-TOXIN SHEET can extract internal dampness and expel harmful waste from the body. This reduces, or eliminates, the various illness to allow the body to function normally.

De-Toxin Sheet Functions
1. Enhance microcirculation in feet and expel metabolites and toxins
2. Relieve pains on joints and in muscles around the neck, shoulder, leg, knee, elbow, wrist, etc.
3. Alleviate tiredness

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