Pure Natural Undiluted Neem Oil

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The main chemical constituents of Neem Oil are: 

  1. Oleic Acid
  2. Palmitic Acid
  3. Stearic Acid
  4. Linoleic Acid
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Carotenoids.

Read more to know the functions of each of these Compositions.


Our Neem oil is derived from the cold pressed fruit nuts of the Neem (Azadirachta indica) evergreen tree. Traditionally known for its antibacterial properties, this cleansing treatment oil is ideal for problem or dry skin types and helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity and promotes healthy, glowing skin.

In traditional Ayurveda, Neem has been widely valued for over 4000 to treat skin conditions and irritations as well as various ailments and is a main constituent of many cosmetic, dental and pharmaceutical products.

Neem Oil

Neem oil as Skin Moisturizer: Dilute Neem oil at 1:10 ratio with other carrier oils such as almond or sesame oils before applying to skin. Add essential oils to mask the pungent smell of Neem. Neem oil is an excellent moisturizer, high in Vitamin E, rich in emollients and nourishing essential fatty acids, soothing dry, cracked, stressed and damaged skin.

Neem for Hair Care: Apply a mixture of one teaspoon Neem oil, 3 tablespoons Avocado Oil and 4 to 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to scalp and hair and massage gently. Leave for about an hour (or overnight) and wash as usual.Regular application of Neem oil will promote thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair growth.

Neem Anti-Dandruff Treatment: Add a teaspoon of Neem oil to your regular shampoo. Gently shake bottle to mix. Use weekly for best results.

Neem Oil as Insect Repellent: Dilute the Neem oil in a base oil at 5% and rub it into the skin to repel insects and to calm insect bites.

Neem Oil as Pet Shampoo: Mix Neem oil into your normal dog shampoo at a rate of 1 to 5 ml for every 100 ml of shampoo. Use less if your dog does not have any problems, and more if it does. Neem has the added benefit of helping to keep annoying insects off of your pet. If your pet is struggling with itching or irritated skin, a bath with Neem shampoo is an easy way to provide them with instant relief.

Neem as Organic Pesticide: Mix with castille soap and water, spray onto infested plants as needed. The spray will suffocate soft bodied insects, and will repel other insects.


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