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Ingredients: Extracts of Radix Rehmanniae, Cortex Anemarrhena, Cortex PHELLODENDRI chinsui Herba Eclipta, Ligustrum lucidum fruit, herb Plantaginis the root of Paeonia red

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ProstaSure Capsule or ProstaCare capsule is a supplement that contains 100% natural ingredients, including green tea extract and saw palmetto. It’s been clinically proven to help relieve prostate inflammation and urinary difficulties associated with BPH – benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostate disorders are more common in men as they age but can be avoided by taking the right steps early on. Studies have shown how ProstaSure capsule has helped many men experience relief from prostate problems ranging from swelling or inflammation of the gland.

Others include Difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate (BPH), frequent nighttime incontinence episodes at least three times weekly for 3 months’ duration). The daily dose provides all-natural herbal supplements such as green tea extract and saw palmetto.

Benefits Of ProstaSure Capsule

Improves blood circulation of prostate gland;
Restrains growth of pathogenic microorganism in the prostate;
Alleviates symptoms of prostate disorders.

Suitable for:

Males with any of the prostate disorders
Males of age above 40
Recommended Use of ProstaSure capsule
For men who is middle-aged or elderly.
Men with symptoms of prostate disorders such as frequent, urgent, difficult or painful urination.
Take 2 capsules each time, 2 times in a day.


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