Nature’s Finest Whole Egg Powder Regular

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  • Powdered whole eggs are fat-free, cholesterol-free and are lower in calories.Powdered whole eggs have a longer shelf life than shell raw eggs. This means that if kept under proper conditions, powdered whole eggs can last for years where as raw shell eggs can only last for a few weeks, even under the best possible conditions.Powdered whole eggs are easily and securely portable. You can easily and safely transport them to picnics, outings, trips and excursions without risking the damages typical of raw shell eggs.Powdered whole eggs provide the flexibility to be used in different proportions than the quantity obtained from raw shell eggs. In the absence of refrigeration or any other means to preserve them, raw shell eggs must be used in their entirety and the unused portion must be discarded.


Nature’s Finest Food Products, uses premium quality eggs, to make Powdered Whole Egg, which are processed in sanitary facilities under the most rigorous hygienic conditions. While shell eggs are easy to use in the kitchen for preparing meals, baked goods and breakfasts, eggs are extremely perishable, have a relatively short shelf life, and must be kept refrigerated.
Egg powder produced by Nature’s Finest Food Products, is pasteurized in a process that destroys Salmonella and any other bacteria, but does not cook the egg or affect the colour, flavour, or nutritional value. Under proper storage conditions, powdered egg products can be stored for up to 10 years.

With Whole Egg Powder, the risk of bacterial contamination due to improper handling is significantly reduced and the cleanup time is reduced as well. Natures Finest offers two types of Egg Powder for sale; the Deluxe Egg Powder which is an all-purpose powder suitable for making any food item that raw shell eggs are used for, and Regular Egg Powder which can also be used for any food item that raw shell eggs are used for except for omelet and scrambled eggs.


Powdered whole Eggs can be used in any recipes typically made with raw shell eggs or raw liquid eggs. Some of the food items and dishes that Whole Egg Powder is good for include, Omelet (Deluxe Powder Only), Scrambled Eggs (Deluxe Powder Only), Pancakes, Cakes, Rock Buns, Koose, Custard, French Toast, Egg Stew, Kontomire, Fried Rice, Gari Foto, Ndomie etc. For example to cook omelet or scrambled egg, just add water and cook up scrambled eggs or omelets in no time (Read the Package for Specific Cooking Instructions).

The powder also blends well with other dry ingredients and can be used immediately without cracking of shells or thawing of the frozen egg liquid. Powdered Whole Eggs provide all the natural goodness of an egg in a convenient, non-perishable package. Indeed, they offer an eggcellent substitute for raw fresh eggs.
We sell all our freeze-dried egg products retail and wholesale to meet the needs of households, retailers, restaurants, commercial bakeries, supermarkets and institutions that provide catering services.


  • Powdered whole eggs may however, be used in any desired proportion, be it half of an egg or three quarters of an egg. This flexibility can be beneficial to bakers and pastry makers who sometimes have to use measurements that are not the same as whole raw eggs.
    Using powdered eggs can also be time-saving and a safer alternative to raw liquid egg. When you are preparing eggs for a large number of people, it would be time consuming to crack the number of eggs needed for the meal. Moreover, if this task is not done properly, pieces of egg shells can end up in the liquid egg, thus creating a health hazard from consuming the egg with shell in it.
    Many people cannot afford refrigerators, and those who own them have to deal with all too frequent and unpleasant problem of power outages, which can cause food items stored in refrigerators and freezers to go bad. When you use Whole Egg Powder, you DO NOT have to worry about power outages or not owning a refrigerator. Whole Egg Powder can last for over 10 years if kept in a cool, dry and dark place, WITHOUT refrigeration.
    The advantages provided by Egg Powder make them very convenient for use by Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals with Ward facilities, Educational institutions, Boarding facilities, Sellers of Indomie, Sellers of Koose. Whole Egg Powder also makes cooking easy during picnics, outdoor ceremonies, funerals, field trips and on occasions like field exercises for the Military and the Police.
    Try Nature’s Finest Whole Egg Powder. It Is EggCellent!


Nature’s Finest uses freeze-drying technology to process premium quality eggs into Powdered Whole Egg. The Egg Powder is packaged for use by households and commercial entities such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels and educational institutions.

Nature’s Finest Whole Egg Powder is proudly made in Ghana and approved for sale by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA). The product is not only the first of its kind to be manufactured in Ghana, but it is also the best on the market.


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